Arab Forum on Building Statistical Capacity for a Data Revolution

10/10/2016 – 11/10/2016, Doha, Qatar

Discussions on the data revolution are taking place in all regions of the world, but turning these discussions into reality remains a challenge. In order for the 2030 Agenda and implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to have meaningful impact, there is a need for specific recommendations and concrete objectives on how to utilise the data revolution, backed by long-term political and financial support. With the aim of gaining political support for such a roadmap, PARIS21, MDPS and GCC-STAT will hold a Regional Forum on Building Statistical Capacity for a Data Revolution, bringing together the Arab region community to agree on concrete steps to build statistical capacity in countries to respond to national, regional, and international data needs within the 2030 Agenda…more


International Open Data Conference 2016

06/10/2016 07/10/2016, Madrid, Spain

Titled “Global goals, local impact” the fourth International Open Data Conference (IODC) will reconvene our expanding community to showcase successes, confront shared challenges, and help us ensure that our vision and our diverse initiatives continue to coordinate effectively. The agenda of the event will be focused on the 3 main objectives of the Conference:
–  Bring together the most innovative and practical Open Data solutions that are driving social and economic impact on areas such as health, gender, cities, education, science, agriculture and many more.
–  Identify and explore both new opportunities and new debates that are shaping the Open Data agenda.
–  Consolidate an international partnership on Open Data able to drive the development of global common resources for the international Open Data community….more


IODC 2016: National Statistics and Open Data

06/10/2016, Madrid, Spain

This one-hour session, sponsored by Open Data Watch, PARIS21, World Bank Group, Open Data for Development, and ODC, will focus on the broader context for interactions among the National Statistical Offices (NSO) and Open Data communities. The session will focus on questions including: How open are official statistics, particularly those to support the SDG? Where can NSOs and their partners get big returns from their investment in open data, even in short-term? Are there places for quick actions or low-hanging fruit?  How can open data help with addressing some of the SDG data challenges of national statistics agencies? What are the experiences of NSOs actively involved in this work? What kind of support is needed from the partner agencies and donors?…more


Openness in National Statistical Offices: A Review of Needs and Available Tools and Methods

05/10/2016, Madrid, Spain

Sponsored by the World Bank Group, Open Data for Development (OD4D), PARIS21, and Open Data Watch, this highly interactive IODC pre-conference session will discuss the practicalities and opportunities for open data in official statistics for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). During this session, government representatives will discuss experiences and plans for open data and experts will provide information on the innovative tools and approaches they are using to support open data efforts.


The White House Open Data Innovation Summit

28/09/2016, Washington, DC, USA

Hosted by The White House and The Solutions Showcase, the Open Data Innovation Summit will bring together government trailblazers, entrepreneurs, companies, advocates, and civic innovators who are using Federal open data across all sectors.  Innovations in open data will be featured in keynote presentations, lightning talks, and panels on the Main Stage and an exhibition hall in the Solutions Showcase.The Speakers will include federal and private-sector leaders working to standardize, publish, and innovate on U.S. government open data. The Solutions Showcase will feature cutting-edge uses of government open data to strengthen democracy, promote efficiency and effectiveness in government, and drive economic opportunity…more


Regional Workshop on International Trade Statistics

26/09/2016 – 29/09/2016, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan

Organized by the UN Statistics Division, the objective of the workshop is to improve the understanding of international recommendations on international merchandise trade statistics and on international trade in services statistics, to share hands-on experiences in data acquisition, data compilation strategies (including data standardization and checking), data quality framework and data analysis and dissemination among trade statistics compilers. Furthermore, the discussion will be touching upon the improvement of data access and flow within national statistical systems with better coordination and cooperation among data providers and compilers. The ultimate goal is to produce the highest quality of international trade in goods and services statistics, which are relevant for the policy makers at home and which are also comparable at the regional and international levels…more


Data For Good Exchange 2016: “Better Governance”

25/09/2016, New York, USA

Hosted by Bloomberg, the overall theme for this year’s edition will be “better governance” or how data science can be applied to solve public interest problems. The data revolution has enabled businesses to provide better service, at a lower cost, and to more customers, at a scale of change not seen since the industrial revolution. While the corporate sector has effectively engaged the academic community in their problems, public and non-profit sectors have seen comparatively less application of data science methods. Since 2014, Bloomberg has been hosting this yearly conference on applications of data science to problems related to the social good. This forum has enabled participants from academia, industry, government and NGOs to share insights and progress on applying modern machine learning and data science methods to problems in public and non-profit sectors…more


Data Literacy Conference

23/09/2016 – 24/09/2016, Aix-en-Provence, France

Organized by Fing, La Reine Merlin, LabSIC, Datanomics, AMI-FEST, and, this event will explore data as a resource for knowledge, and a domain of expertise, languistic, grammatical, typos, literary, educational, pedagogical, methodological, and artistic point of view. We bring together the earliest thinkers and doers from the world of data literacy, so that together, we can uncover some early answers to key questions related to data literacy: why should people become data literate? Data literacy for whom? Who are the key players in the data game? What does data awareness really mean? How can we develop a data mindset as individuals, as organisations, and as a society? Have fundamental data skills been exhaustively identified? Is it possible to create desire out there, in the cold (data-)world? Is organisational data awareness an innate or an acquired trait?…more


Microsoft Data Playground

23/09/2016, New York, USA

UN Millennium Campaign, UN Global Pulse and Microsoft, in cooperation with the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data, will host an evening reception on the margins of the UN General Assembly to celebrate momentum around the data revolution for sustainable development. The event will showcase cutting-edge examples of citizen data collection, interactive data visualizations, big data analysis and creative storytelling projects.


Using Data to Better Understand Migration

22/09/2015, New York, USA

This event, co-organized by Belgium, the International Organization for Migration and other partners with the support and collaboration of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data will focus on how big data, together with other data sources, can help to shed light on trends, experiences and impacts of migration – the focus of the Ministerial Week. A critical question will be the challenge of providing accurate figures on migration flows, as well as improving cooperation and exchange between relevant public and private actors to ensure access to reliable data.