Working with a range of partners, ODW promotes data as a vital input for policies that seek to eradicate poverty, fight inequality, and promote inclusive, sustainable growth. We help organizations of all kinds around the world understand and respond to an ever-changing development data sector. Our policy advice work advocates for increased data investments, promotes data use and impact, improves statistical capacity building efforts, and encourages strong political leadership for data. Through this, we help strengthen statistical systems to produce better data for better policies and better lives.



Organizations working in the field of international development face a wide range of data challenges. Whether an organization seeks to improve development data, overcome data challenges in the course of their work, or simply needs to better understand the constantly shifting data ecosystem, our work in this area helps them overcome barriers. Through our unique experience in development data and official statistics, we provide special support to national statistical offices and other data producers as they face their own unique sets of challenges.



As an independent watchdog organization concerned with ensuring the completeness and openness of development data, we have created the Open Data Inventory (ODIN) as our flagship product. The results of our annual assessments of the coverage and openness of official statistics in countries around the world help governments identify and address data gaps. We engage with countries and turn our assessments into practical advice. The ODIN model is being adapted to sector specific assessments, and we are also expanding our focus to microdata as well to maximize public good.