Leaving no one behind

08/02/2016, London, United Kingdom (and Online)

The Overseas Development Institute (ODI)​ is holding a public event on data to achieve an ambitious global agenda by 2030 and ensure that the vulnerable and marginalized are not left behind. #GlobalChallenges 2016 opens on day 39 of the first 1000 days by convening the Dutch Minister for Trade and …more


Measuring International Trade and Economic Globalization

26/01/2016 – 28/01/2016, New York, USA

​The first meeting of the Expert Group on International Trade and Economic Globalization Statistics​ will take place on 26-28 January 2016 in New York. The group, consisting of 20 countries and 7 agencies, is mandated to produce a handbook on​ a system of extended international and global accounts…more​


Role of Data and Analytics in Sustainable Development

20/01/2016, Davos-Klosters, Switzerland

​As public and private sector leaders embrace the new 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, data and analytics have taken center stage as a key to achieving these bold new goals. This reception will include live interactive demo stations of Project 8 and a brief panel conversation about the role of data and analytics in sustainable development…more