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2020/21 Open Data Inventory (ODIN) Annual Report

Open Data Watch launches the Annual Report of the 2020/21 Open Data Inventory (ODIN) that assesses the coverage and openness of official statistics in 187 countries.  ODIN monitors the progress of open data that are relevant to economic, social, and environmental development.  An Executive Summary is also available.


“Staying Up to Data” Newsletter

Our recently launched monthly newsletter highlights our latest projects, shares exciting events, and features new research and publications from the sustainable development data community.



Open Data Watch is an international, non-profit organization working at the intersection of open data and official statistics. Our work supports the implementation of change in the production and management of official statistical data. Concentrating efforts in three areas — policy advice, data support, and monitoring — ODW seeks to make development data better and more accessible for increased use and impact. An example of the interaction between these workstreams, the Open Data Inventory (ODIN) provides in-depth annual assessments of coverage and openness that countries can then use to identify and address data gaps. Only with high-quality and open data can international organizations, governments, and citizens solve the challenges of measuring and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).




Five Steps to Smarter Gender Data Financing

Accessible and timely sex-disaggregated data are critical in helping policymakers understand and address the unique challenges that women and girls face. But do investments in gender statistics match their importance?

Data Dissemination in the Digital Age

There is an increasing number of data portals, but their quality and functioning are uneven, and there is no internationally agreed framework. How can we improve data portals?

Beyond the Data Set: Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders of Gender Data

Foreign Policy’s recent “Her Power Summit” reminded us that, while mastering the complexities of gender data is crucial, it is equally important to recognize the leaders charting the course to a more data-equitable world, and the barriers they often face.