Past Events

Seventh meeting of the IAEG-SDGs

09/04/2018 – 12/04/2018, Vienna, Austria

Hosted by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO). meeting will follow a different format from the previous IAEG-SDG meetings. There will be a members meeting taking place during the first day (9 April) and a plenary session taking place during the following three days (10 – 12 April). During the plenary session, all countries, international and regional agencies and entities, and other stakeholders are invited to attend…more


Commission on Population and Development, 51st session

09/04/2018 – 13/04/2018, New York, USA

The 51st Commission on Population and Development will take place at the UN Headquarters, with the theme of: Sustainable cities, human mobility, and international migration. The Commission is to assist the Economic and Social Council by: Arranging for studies and advising the Council; monitoring, reviewing and assessing the implementation of the Program of Action of the International Conference on Population and Development at the national, regional and global levels, identifying reasons for success and failure, and advising the Council thereon; providing appropriate recommendations to the Council on the basis of an integrated consideration of the reports and issues related to the implementation of the Program of Action…more


PARIS21 Annual Meetings 2018

04/04/2018 – 05/04/2018, Bern, Switzerland

The PARIS21 Annual Meetings will take place from 4-5 April 2018. On 4 April, an all-day conference will take place, with the theme of “Truth in Numbers: The role of data in a world of fact, fiction and everything in between.” The PARIS21 board meeting is held the following day…more


Workshop: Web API, Open Data and Interoperability (4th APAN meeting)

28/03/2018, Singapore

Hosted by GODAN, the objective of this workshop is to access to field and farm data becomes always more important for agricultural research. Collaboration between equipment producers, research and farmers is necessary. The session should assess the state of the art at this time and formulate requests for actions to improve data interoperability through common standards and agreements…more


Fifth Asia-Pacific Forum on Sustainable Development: Transformation towards sustainable and resilient societies

28/03/2018 – 30/03/2018, Bangkok, Thailand

Organized by the UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific, the Fifth Asia-Pacific Forum on Sustainable Development will engage member States, United Nations bodies, other international organizations, major groups and other stakeholders in highlighting regional and subregional perspectives on the theme of the high-level political forum in 2018, “Transformation towards sustainable and resilient societies”…more


Asia-Pacific Civil Society Forum on Sustainable Development 2018

25/03/2018 – 27/03/2018, Bangkok, Thailand

The United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) is convening the Asia-Pacific Forum on Sustainable Development (APFSD). The Asia-Pacific Civil Society Forum on Sustainable Development 2018 will be a forum for civil society organizations to work together and consolidate their positions and recommendations for a regional sustainable development agenda. Asia-Pacific CSOs from different sectors and countries will explore common ground and actions, develop common messages and coordinate strategies for more effective participation in the national, regional and global intergovernmental processes on sustainable development…more


Data for Development Festival

21/03/2018 – 23/03/2018, Bristol, United Kingdom

The Data for Development festival is the inaugural in-person gathering of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data. It is an exciting chance to exchange ideas with partners from around the world, generate new collaborations, and explore the impact of emerging technology on people’s lives. This event provides an opportunity to participate in numerous thematic events, network with the global data community, meet representatives of the Global Partnership’s new Board of Directors and Technical Advisory Group, and shape the partnership’s future…more


International Women’s Day

08/03/2018, Global

International Women’s Day, celebrated globally on 8 March, is dedicated to reflecting on the achievements of ordinary women who have made an extraordinary impact in their countries and communities, and to celebrate the contributions of women all around the world…more