Open Data Watch is a non-profit, non-governmental organization founded by three development data specialists. It monitors progress and provides information and assistance to guide implementation of open data systems. The Open Data Watch team has unparalleled experience in development data management and statistical capacity building in developing countries and is committed to making open data a reality in all countries and development agencies.

April 2020

With data availability and openness being so important during the pandemic, ODW regularly updates its special edition of What’s Being Said on COVID-19. In addition, ODW, the UN Statistics Division and GPSDD are working on a new website to support NSO data continuity by sharing guidance, actions, tools, and best practices.

March 2020

The month kicked off with the 51st session of the UN Statistical Commission and ODW was also in Dubai to present the Open Data Inventory to the FCSA. But the unprecedented need for reliable data about the COVID-19 pandemic saw ODW, in its monitoring role at the intersection of open data and official statistics, devote particular attention to regular updates of a special edition of What’s Being Said on COVID-19 data resources.

February 2020

In February, ODW was in snowy Ottawa to co-host ConVERGE: Connecting Vital Events Registration and Gender Equality with the IDRC and UNFPA where the third and final knowledge brief on best practices and key challenges to improve CRVS systems was released. End-month was marked by preparations for discussions at the 51st UN Statistical Commission on open data, gender data, and privacy.

ODIN 2020 – Category & Indicator Details

⇒ Download this table as an Excel spreadsheet (.xlsx) ⇐   GROUP CATEGORY INDICATOR DISAGGREGATIONS CHANGE Social Population & vital statistics (1.1) Population data sex; marital status; 5-year age groups Indicator name; added disaggregation Social Population & vital statistics (1.2) Birth rate sex; marital status Indicator name Social Population & vital statistics (1.3) Death rate…

Short-term Researchers

1110 Vermont Avenue Washington, DC 20005 USA   OPEN DATA WATCH IS SEEKING Short-term Researchers (full-time and part-time positions) Positions filled: Closing Date was 20 March 2020     Open Data Watch (ODW) is a Washington, DC-based, nonprofit organization promoting open data and the improvement of development statistics in countries and international agencies. ODW is…