Understanding the Value & Impact of Data

Why do investments in data remain low, despite the often cited need for high-quality data to guide policies and promote evidence-based decision making for sustainable development? Documenting cases of how data gain value from production, to use and impact, ODW research is both discovering multiple reasons for the shortfall and learning how an understanding of the “data value chain” can target investment in order to maximize data impact.

Birth Registration – A Foundation for Gender Equality

Many people take their birth certificate for granted. But in the developing world, birth registration is one of the most important events in childen’s lives. If their birth is not officially registered, they can easily be deprived of their rights, like to vaccinations, to apply for a scholarship, to vote, or to acquire property. Gender biases pose particular challenges for girls and women …

Building Trust in Data and Statistics

In an era of “fake news” and “alternative facts,” the UN World Data Forum 2018 takes on a topic of particular relevance: building trust in data and statistics throughout the data value chain, from production to impact on political and other decisions. So what do we hope to achieve and what must we avoid?

OECD Outlines Six Data Actions for Sustainable Development

Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals hinges on harnessing evidence, technology, and data science. A new Development Co-operation Report 2017 from OECD provides a holistic view of data-driven development and identifies six concrete actions that international development partners, civil society, and the private sector can take to support governments and national statistical systems to bridge the data divide…

Ready to Measure: Phase Two Ambitions

Realizing the ambitious promises made by the 17 Sustainable Development Goals – including Goal 5 on gender equality – will require a serious commitment to the collection and use of more and better gender data. To help achieve this, the new “Ready to Measure: Phase II” report and gender data query tool offer…