Open Data Watch is a non-profit, non-governmental organization founded by three development data specialists. It monitors progress and provides information and assistance to guide implementation of open data systems. The Open Data Watch team has unparalleled experience in development data management and statistical capacity building in developing countries and is committed to making open data a reality in all countries and development agencies.

Celebrating GIS Technology

17/11/2015 – 19/11/2015, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Esri invites the Middle East and North African geospatial communities to celebrate geographic information system (GIS) technology in Abu Dhabi on November 17-19. The Esri Middle East and North Africa User Conference (MENAUC) will bring the best of the annual Esri User Conference in San Diego to the U.A.E. Spend two days sharpening your GIS skills while networking with Esri staff and users from across the region…more

Data Revolution Draft Report Released

The first draft report of the UN Secretary General’s Independent Expert Advisory Group on the Data Revolution has just been issued. All comments are welcome!  Comments must be received by Monday 27th Oct before 10am GMT+1.  Read the draft report here or download the draft report in PDF format.

October-December, 2014

On November 7th, the UN Secretary General’s Independent Advisory Expert Group (IEAG) on the Data Revolution published its report, ‘A World That Counts’: Mobilising the Data Revolution for Sustainable Development’. The report generated a wide range of responses. We have collected and summarized the articles and blog posts we found below. Please contact us if…

October7-22, 2014

On October 15th, the UN Secretary General’s Independent Advisory Expert Group (IEAG) on the Data Revolution closed its comments and private submissions as it prepares its report for the UN Secretary General. There was a flurry of blog posts surrounding the deadline. We’ve compiled a brief list below. Contact us if you have additions.  …

Open Data from the Ground Up

The call for open data has been closely linked with the global advocacy campaign for good governance founded upon the principles of transparency and accountability. Starting in North America and Europe and now spreading to developing economies, country after country has announced open data policies, mined archives for releasable data sets, and remade websites to highlight data releases.

September-October, 2014

On September 25th, the UN Secretary General’s Independent Advisory Expert Group (IEAG) on the Data Revolution held its first meeting in New York. A series of papers and blog posts surrounded this event. They provided suggestions and recommendations for the IEAG. We’ve listed brief summaries and links to some of these publications. If the list…

UN Expert Advisory Group on the Data Revolution Appointed

An Independent Expert Advisory Group on the Data Revolution has been created by the UN Secretary-General to recommend what is needed to address data gaps and improve national statistical capacities for sustainable development. It will review opportunities due to technical innovations and many new public and private data providers that can strengthen traditional statistical systems and improve accountability…

July-September, 2014

Despite the summer heat and vacation schedules, conversations about the Data Revolution have been lively over the past few months. This has been particularly the case in the context of the UN launch of its Independent Expert Advisory Group on the Data Revolution on August 29th. Below is a list of blogs and articles we…