International Data Responsibility Conference

19/02/2016, Hague, Netherlands

​On 19 February, the International Data Responsibility Group (IDRG) will host the second annual International Data Responsibility Conference. This meeting brings together experts and practitioners working with data for crisis-affected communities and the most at-risk populations worldwide. Through presentations by a variety of experts and several interactive workshops, participants will explore the potential risks that could be caused by using these data, and ways to prevent these from materializing…more

Institutions, Decentralisation and Structural Transformation in Eastern Africa

08/02/2016 – 11/02/2016, Nairobi, Kenya

​This 20th Meeting of the Intergovernmental Committee Of Experts (ICE) will examine the role of institutions in promoting equitable growth in Eastern Africa. This will include a review of mechanisms that ensure the formulation of shared visions, enshrine good governance, strengthen public participation in decision-making and…more

February-April, 2015

The data revolution has picked up pace in February and March, driven by discussions about the post-2015 development agenda. Lists of post-2015 indictors were proposed and reports about funding the post-2015 goals were published, and many blogs and conferences focuses on moving the data revolution from theory to reality. We provide links to reports, articles, and blog posts…