Reza is the admin guru at ODW, having headed Information Services and Systems in the Development Data Group of the World Bank for 10 years. While there he oversaw development of the largest set of systems products for Open Data and Open Data communications. He has been developing systems for managing and disseminating statistical data and metadata for over 35 years. Before World Bank, he operated the Computer Center at the School of Engineering at George Washington University.

Better go mobile!

If you are developing Open Data applications, best to keep in mind the growing mobile market. While you may think your clients are still sitting behind desktop machines or balancing laptops on their knees, there may also be lots of data hungry mobile users who should not be neglected.

Making an Open Data site desirable

What makes an open data site special, desirable, and impressive? How relevant and useful are the data? Clearly identified and well documented? Up-to-date? Unless data are meant to be stagnant (e.g. for research), typical users want data to be very current. But are there “typical” users? Are there “best” open data formats?