Build Peace Conference: “How can we use technology, arts and research for peace, towards transformation?”

09/09/2016 – 11/09/2016, Zurich, Switzerland

On the first day of the Build Peace Conference, Data-Pop Alliance‘s Emmanuel Letouzé and Andrés Clavijo will conduct a workshop called Perceptions of Peace. This training session will aim to develop our target audience’s understanding and practical skills across a spectrum of applications and implications of using Big Data for peacebuilding initiatives to better engage civil society and local actors in particular to become key participants in these peacebuilding efforts through and with data. The workshop focuses on addressing gaps in knowledge and capacity for participation of all actors in conflict communities. The workshop will include presentations on data literacy and data inclusion, data analysis techniques for measuring and monitoring perception, and break out sessions to dive deeper into relevant Big Data methodologies and tools related to perceptions of peace and security…more

Stuffed and Unstuffed: A Comment on Chandy & Zhang

Recently published estimates by Brookings Institution researchers Laurence Chandy and Christine Zhang of the funding needed to produce indicators for monitoring SDGs appears to demonstrate that other cost assessments are far too high. But the analysis leaves out elements and runs the risk of creating complacency over the need for serious, continuing investments in the statistical capacity of developing countries.