Using Data to Better Understand Migration

22/09/2015, New York, USA

This event, co-organized by Belgium, the International Organization for Migration and other partners with the support and collaboration of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data will focus on how big data, together with other data sources, can help to shed light on trends, experiences and impacts of migration – the focus of the Ministerial Week. A critical question will be the challenge of providing accurate figures on migration flows, as well as improving cooperation and exchange between relevant public and private actors to ensure access to reliable data.

Data Revolution for Climate Resilience

22/09/2016, New York, USA

This high-level event will recognize the importance of public-private partnerships in catalyzing data-informed decision making on climate resilience. It will feature ministerial-level leaders from governments, company CEOs and representatives from foundations, academia and civil society who will highlight progress underway to develop innovative solutions and joint action to improve climate-resilience planning and action. The goal of the event will be to secure commitments to mobilize civil society and the public and private sectors to improve data use for climate resilience management, accelerate efforts to expand open access to climate-relevant datasets through a distributed network, and work across the public and private sectors to provide local communities with easy access to the best available and most relevant data for climate risk assessment and planning.

UN Data Innovation Lab Workshop

22/09/2016, New York, USA

Hosted by the UN Development Programme and UN Global Pulse, this event is the second of six workshops designed to help UN agencies harness the power of the data revolution for sustainable development and humanitarian response. Each workshop in the series is two days in length and focuses on practical, hands-on learning experiences that move participants through the entire lifecycle of a data innovation project.