Improving the Quality of Official Statistics

31/05/2016 – 03/06/2016, Madrid, Spain

​The European Conference on Quality in Official Statistics (Q2016), hosted by Eurostat​ and the Instituto Nacional de ​Estadistica​, will cover relevant and innovative topics on data quality. These topics will range from the challenges and the new paradigm of quality in an information and knowledge-driven society including big data and multi-source statistics, to governance and management aspects like the ones linked to the ESS Vision 2020. Furthermore, as an open forum of debate, it represents an opportunity to introduce innovation in the measurement and management of the quality in statistical domains and in specific statistical products…more

The Data Cooking Show

27/05/2016 – 28/05/2016, Lima, Peru

Hosted by Consejo de la Prensa Peruana, The Data Cooking Show is the initial and leading activity of the upcoming Open Data School of Journalism project, an initiative which has brought together a number of Peruvian based and international organizations that share the objective of contributing to the development of independent media in Peru by providing journalists with capacity building skills and the tools necessary to adapt adequately to a transforming environment brought about by the increasing use of new technologies both in the public and private sectors.

Big Data and Innovation: Delivering Information for the SDGs

23/05/2016 – 27/05/2016, Nairobi, Kenya

Hosted by UN Environment Programme (UNEP) and UN Statistics Division (UNSD), this event will directly contribute to the UNEA-2 discussions on “Delivering on the Environmental Dimension of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” through a presentation of the global survey on big data strategies for official statistics, and country-focused presentations that show how big data can be used as a complementary source of information and turnkey statistical applications to manage globally relevant issues such as crop production.  There will be a special focus on innovative mobile applications, data access and partnerships, advocacy and communication, methodology and quality in the use of big data for monitoring the SDGs including the use of satellite imagery, and the big data sandbox in Ireland for capacity building…more

Percolate with The White House and The Opportunity Project

19/05/2016, Washington, DC, USA

Come learn how you can engage in the next iteration of The Opportunity Project by working with us to design and build tools that help close the opportunity gap in communities across the country.  We’re seeking collaborators, whether technologists, designers, community members, advocates or government to use federal and local open data to create user-centered digital tools to navigate neighborhood-level resources like quality housing, schools, jobs, transit options, and parks. We’ll be joined by White House Staff Drew Zachary and Aden Van Noppen to share highlights from the first phase of the program and ways to get involved as we scale…more

Cross Regional Forum: Agenda 2030 and the SIDS

19/05/2016 – 20/05/2016, Paris, France

The Partnership in Statistics for Development in the 21st Century (PARIS21) will be organising the Cross Regional Forum: Agenda 2030 and the SIDS: Strengthening statistical capacity and readiness with the goal of preparing Small Island Developing States (SIDS) to address the statistical demands arising from the Agenda 2030, SAMOA Pathway, and their own regional and national priorities. An important statistical concern of SIDS related to these agendas is the capacity and readiness of their statistical systems to produce the data requirements for monitoring and evaluation while ensuring a harmonised and co-ordinated approach for the implementation of both agendas…more

Cross Regional Forum: Shaping Subnational Statistical Systems

17/05/2016 – 18/05/2016, Paris, France

In an effort to explore ways to improve statistics that respond to the above call, and based on a background study undertaken in several countries, PARIS21 will be organising the Cross Regional Forum: “Shaping subnational statistical systems to meet requirements of the SDGs” to discuss experiences, share best practices and explore partnerships at the subnational level in order to deliver on the “leave no one behind” 2030 agenda. The forum will involve a blend of statisticians, practitioners and experts working on local level projects/programmes as well as development partners…more