Strategy and Guidance

What are the new demands of data users both inside and outside government? What data management, dissemination, legal, institutional, technical and quality frameworks work best? What reforms are needed to integrate open data standards into national strategies for statistical development (NSDS)?

Data do not become open simply by labeling them “open.”  National statistical systems in many developing countries need to undertake significant reforms in their NSDS.  To guide and advise countries, Open Data Watch collects, synthesizes and shares practical information on successful data management and dissemination practices, as well as legal, institutional, technical, and quality assurance frameworks.


Illustrating how to move from open data to practical impact, the Data Impacts project collects case studies from the ongoing Data Revolution.
An in-depth assessment by ODW and SDSN tackles the cost of the core statistical tools needed to measure sustainable development.
Open NSDS looks at how official statistics can both retain high technical standards and achieve sustainable open data practices.
The Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data can help countries revolutionize their data.  ODW evaluates what works and why.