Knowledge and Partnership

What are the standards, definitions, advice and platforms for implementing open data programs both by governments at the national and sub-national levels, and by international agencies, civil society, and the private sector?  It is important for developing countries and their partners to have access to successful models and expert advice.

Bringing extensive experience in improving the quality of development statistics, Open Data Watch attempts to provide open access to a dynamic catalog of existing information sources, on-going events and open data initiatives, along with news bulletins and original articles and blogs that highlight new developments and links to experts, tools, and sources of operational and financial support.


The “data revolution” for Post-2015 Development Goals is well underway and ODW is tracking What’s Being Said about it.
Global Partnership is rapidly taking shape, with 150+ partners already joining forces to harness booming data ecosystems to support sustainable development.
National Statistical Offices need to take the  lead in open data and ODW has a list of their websites to see how they are doing.
The World Bank’s latest poverty report says the rate of extreme poverty in the world has declined again. But ODW notes that something is missing.