Download in PDF format What is the data revolution?Recent years have seen an exponential increase in the volume, quality, and types of data available. Combined with new technologies that permit faster processing of larger data sets and new statistical methods, this presents unprecedented possibilities for using these data for informing and transforming society. As the…

Ending Poverty Needs Better Data

The World Bank’s recently released poverty report, Ending Extreme Poverty and Sharing Prosperity: Progress and Policies, brings news that the rate of extreme poverty in the world declined again in 2012, reaching a global average of 9.8 percent of the world’s population, although a more relevant figure places it at 15.7 percent of the population in “developing” countries.

Open Data for Africa

During my time as an intern at Open Data Watch, I reviewed the availability and openness of data in poor, developing countries. I wanted to get a general idea of what the data environment looks like in the developing world. I asked myself: “If I were a citizen of country X and I wanted to find data about my country, could I do so and how difficult would it be?”

What’s Being Said – Resource Pages

As part of ODW’s “watch” function What’s Being Said  has regularly provided a monthly review of key articles and reports on open data, SDGs, gender data, and official statistics related to the data revolution. To make access quicker and hopefully more useful, instead of a monthly general list, we are now beginning to separate out certain topics,…