Monitoring and Reporting

Are public data available to the public? By what standards should the quality and openness of data be evaluated? And by whom? And how? It is important to have clear criteria, to measure progress over time, and to make results openly available for planning, monitoring, and evaluation.

Open Data Watch focuses on the data and statistics needed by developing countries to plan, monitor and evaluate the results of economic, social, demographic and environmental programs. While no single measure can encompass all the dimensions of a national statistical system, well-defined and carefully measured indicators can focus attention on important gaps and encourage informed discussion of options and priorities.

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The Open Data Inventory (ODIN) is a new way to assess the coverage and openness of datasets needed to monitor development goals. ODIN is now available online.
To identify existing and new funding streams to support the data revolution, ODW surveys the aid-for-statistics eco-system.
ODW takes a look at the major indexes that assess the openness or quality of data produced by national governments and highlights the issues.
World Economics’ Data Quality Index (DQI) claims to be a “new way” to judge which data “you can trust” but ODW has doubts about what is being measured.