Harnessing the Data Revolution for Resilience: Conference in Thailand

10/05/2016 – 11/05/2016, Thailand

Ending extreme poverty is one of the world’s biggest challenges. To tackle this issue, it is important to build resilience at all scales—individuals, communities, cities and ecosystems—since resilience combines the ability to manage change and continue on a sustainable development path. At the same time, the world is currently producing unprecedented amounts of digital data as well as unprecedented growth in digital connectivity. These trends enable new ways of utilizing digital data to better understand the needs of communities in order to help them increase their collective and individual resilience. In the upcoming Harnessing the Data Revolution for Resilience: Conference in Thailand, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and FHI360 are bringing together entrepreneurs, innovators, development organizations, technology providers, donors and governments for a two-day summit focused on harnessing the power of digital data to transform the design, implementation and monitoring of international development programs to support resilience capacities at various scales…more