Strengthening Statistical Capacities for Building Development Indicators

04/12/2015, Santiago, Chile

​The Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC)​ is hosting a meeting for Pilot Countries of the Development Account, 9th Tranche. The topic of the meeting is “Strengthening statistical capacities for building macroeconomic and sustainable development indicators in Latin America, the Caribbean and Asia Pacific countries”…more

Climate Change Resilience in the Age of Data

04/12/2015, Paris, France

​This COP21 side-event will bring together researchers and practitioners to explore the opportunities, challenges and requirements for leveraging new data sources and analytical approaches to achieve these goals—chief of which is empowering at-risk communities.

Specifically, the event will seek to take stock of relevant scientific advances, showcase promising initiatives and approaches in the domain, identify major institutional and technical bottlenecks and requirements, and foster exchanges between the critical players producing the science, financing the projects, and implementing the work on the ground…more