Beyond the Numbers: Harnessing Data for the SDGs

In partnership with Cepei and PARIS21, Open Data Watch is happy to announce the launch of the ‘Beyond the Numbers: Harnessing Data for the SDGs’ webinar series. The series of five webinars will allow development, data and policy experts as well as practitioners to share and discuss the latest advancements in the field of development data.

Webinar 1 Webinar 2


Webinar 1 | Capacity Development in Data and Statistics: A Waste of Money?

16 November 2018; 3pm CET

In this first session, we will be discussing capacity development; whether it has shown any sign of success and whether emerging approaches could yield better results.




Webinar 2 | Connecting the Dots: Measuring and Increasing Data Use for Better Governance

19 December 2018; 10am EST

In this second session, we will be discussing connecting the dots between data production and data impact by highlighting lessons learned from recent research, strategies for increasing the use of data for decision making, and good practices on understanding and measuring use.




Webinar 3 | Non-traditional Data Sources: An Opportunity to Measure Sustainable Development

29 January 2019; 9:00-10:00 am ET

In this third session, we will be discussing how data from new and different sources provide real-time information, trends and behavioral patterns in areas critical for sustainable development, and thus offer new opportunities for decision-making in countries.




Webinar 4 | Bridging the Gender Data Gap and Connecting Data Communities

27 March 2019; 10:00-11:00 am ET

In this fourth session, we will be discussing why and how gender-disaggregated data needs to be collected, analyzed, and made openly availabile to unlock opportunities for women and girls and to track progress toward the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).




Webinar 5 | More and Better Financing for Development Data

2 October 2019; 15:00-16:00  CET

In this fifth session, we will be discussing how to support countries increase domestic resources, to incentivise donors to step up their commitments to national systems and to help the international data and statistics community to do a better job in matching supply and demand for capacity development.