Past Events

Workshop: Linked Open Data in Agriculture

27/09/2017 – 28/09/2017, Berlin, Germany

Linked Open Data (LOD) combines the technology of globally linked data with the philosophy of free access to information. LOD overcomes the limits which traditional information distribution reaches in view of the increasing amount of data and information. In the agricultural sector, efforts are being made to exploit the potential of this approach, in particular with regard to global food security, site-adapted agriculture and international research collaboration. Facilitated by the German Federal Ministry for Food and Agriculture, the Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition Initiative (GODAN), the Association for Technology and Structures in Agriculture, and the Federal Office of Agriculture and Food, this two-day professional workshop will be targeted at an international audience with impulse lectures by experts and discussion sessions. Both days include a two-track program with parallel sessions. One track is about policy implementation, focussing on the country and organization level, e.g. data ownership and data rights, investment in information, while the other track covers cutting edge technology such as new applications and services…more



Seminar on Accounting for Global Value Chains

06/06/2017 – 08/06/2017, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Eurostat and UN Statistics Division are jointly organizing a seminar on Accounting for Global Value Chains in Luxembourg.The seminar will discuss the Handbook on Accounting for Global Value Chains. The main objective of the Handbook is to provide a high-level overview of how economic statistics can be made more accurate and relevant in measuring the effects of globalization in national accounts and business statistics. The Handbook will provide a national perspective on globalization based on a Global Value Chain approach for specific industries in a multi-country supply chain of goods, value adding services and institutional arrangements. It should be helpful to a wide range of data compilers…more


OECD Forum

06/06/2017 – 07/06/2017, Paris, France

The OECD Forum is a public event, that has emerged as a major international conference where policies and ideas are shared between governments, businesses, civil society, and academia…more


2017 Big Boulder Conference

01/06/2017 – 02/06/2016, Boulder, USA

The annual Big Boulder conference features two jam-packed days of educational sessions, networking events, and outdoor activities all centered around social data. This year’s conference will feature sessions from top social media sources, industry leaders, and premier consumers of publicly-available social data who will discuss trends, best practices, use cases, and the future of the industry…more


Workshop on Innovative Data Approaches to SDGs

31/05/2017 – 02/06/2017, Incheon, Republic of Korea

The United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) and the Statistical Research Institute, Statistics Korea are hosting a Workshop on Innovative Data Approaches to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The Workshop will provide an opportunity for a diverse group of decision makers from member States in the Asia-Pacific region, ranging from statisticians to policy makers, to explore opportunities for utilizing big data and related data approaches in their jurisdictions to achieve SDGs…more


BIEE Programme Launch in the Caribbean & Capacity Building Workshop on Energy Efficiency Indicators

25/05/2017, Kingston, Jamaica

Hosted by the UN Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, the Database for Energy Efficiency Indicators (BIEE) program launch seeks to strengthen the capacity of energy authorities in Latin America and the Caribbean to monitor their energy efficiency, improve data reliability and in turn enhance evidence-based decision-making on energy efficiency. The BIEE programme of activities in undertaking in five stages, the first being a data compilation of basic information which is usually undertaken by the focal point in each country, in coordination with ECLAC. Then the energy efficiency indicators are identified for the 7 sectors being considered by the project: Macro/Energy Balance, Households, Industrial, Services, Agricultural, Transportation and Energy. Finally, the focal points are trained in the interpretation and use of these indicators…more


Open Data for Development: A Conversation with Fernando Perini

23/05/2017, Washington, DC, USA

Open Data Watch, as a collaborator with Open Data for Development, is pleased to invite you to have a conversation with Fernando Perini and learn more about the network. Open Data for Development (OD4D) is a global network with the objective of enhancing citizen-driven and sustainable open data ecosystems around the world. OD4D is scaling open data approaches that work, improving transparency and accountability, service delivery, and the well-being of the poorest and the most marginalized. This event is an opportunity to speak with Fernando Perini and to learn more about OD4D and its initiatives. Shaida Badiee, Managing Director of Open Data Watch, will provide opening remarks for this event. Following a short presentation from Fernando Perini, participants will have an opportunity to ask questions and engage in discussion…more



Asia-Pacific Economic Statistics Week 2017

22/05/2017 – 26/05/2017, Bangkok, Thailand

Hosted by the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP), the 2017 Asia-Pacific Economic Statistics Week features a seminar, special sessions on economic statistics capacity screening and economic loss from disasters, the third ESCAP Economic Statistics Project Support Meeting and the sixth meeting of the Steering Group for the Regional Programme on Economic Statistics…more


Africa Regional Forum on Sustainable Development

17/05/2017 – 19/05/2017, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Hosted by the UN Economic Commission for Africa, the 2017 Africa Regional Forum on Sustainable Development will convene under the theme: “Ensuring inclusive and sustainable growth and prosperity for all.” The overall objective of the 2017 Africa Regional Forum on Sustainable Development is to undertake regional follow-up and review and facilitate learning including sharing experiences and lessons learned to advance implementation of the 2030 agenda and Agenda 2063…more