Upcoming Events

High Level Africa Roundtable on the Sustainable Development Goals

11/12/2017 – 12/12/2017, Accra, Ghana

Organized by the Government of Ghana, the High Level Roundtable on the Sustainable Development Goals will bring distinguished African leaders, a core group of SDGs Advocates, Senior Leadership of the United Nations, African Development Bank, and other multilateral institutions and importantly, the private sector, policymakers, and thought leaders from Africa. The overarching objective of the Roundtable is to mobilize regional support for the implementation of the SDGs, and to propose practical, smart, and innovative actions needed to underpin accelerated implementation of the SDGs at both the regional and country levels.

First International Workshop on Poverty Statistics in SAARC

11/12/2017 – 14/12/2017, Kathmandu, Nepal

The National Statistical Institute (NSI) of Nepal is organizing the first ever International Workshop on Poverty Statistics. The workshop is being organized with support from International Statistical Institute (ISI) and aims to educate the statisticians and stakeholder in SAARC (South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation) region on key concepts of poverty statistics and international practices of poverty measurement. Economies of the South Asian countries are growing faster than any other economy of the world but the South Asian region is still home to a large chunk of population which lives below the poverty line. In the interactive workshop, international experts will deliver lectures on deriving poverty line and their updates over time at the country level, various measure of poverty, poverty mapping using Small Area Estimation (SAE) technique by using Nepal Living Standard Surveys and National Population and Housing Census…more

Capacity Building Workshop for National Civil Registration and Vital Statistics (CRVS) Focal Points

12/12/2017 – 14/12/2017, Bangkok, Thailand

Hosted by the UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific, the workshop for National CRVS Focal Points is aimed at strengthening capacities for setting national targets and collecting, compiling and disseminating information on the targets of the Regional Action Framework. In addition, the workshop will equip National CRVS Focal Points to be champions of the regional CRVS initiative within their countries, thereby supporting the implementation of the Regional Action Framework. The workshop will also give Focal Points the tools to lead the process of developing national multi-sectoral CRVS strategies in their countries…more

International Forum on Migration Statistics 2018

15/01/2018 – 16/01/2018, Paris, France

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, International Organization for Migration, and the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (represented by UNSD and UNPD) propose to co-organize a regular International Forum on Migration Statistics. The first Forum will be hosted at OECD’s conference centre in Paris. The location of the Forum will rotate between the three co-organizing agencies. The Forum will also involve partner organizations that will contribute to relevant sessions…more

Conference on National Reporting Platforms

22/01/2018 – 24/01/2018, New York, USA

Organized by the United Nations Statistics Division, this conference will bring together representatives from national statistical offices, international and regional organizations with programmes or initiatives that support data platforms in countries, as well as donors and other providers of data platform solutions. Representatives of statistical offices will be both from countries where solutions are already implemented and can be shared with others, and from countries where no SDG data reporting platform has been established yet.

GIS for a Sustainable World

17/04/2018 – 19/04/2018, Geneva, Switzerland

Co-hosted by Esri and UNITAR’s Operational Satellite Applications Programme (UNOSAT), this year’s conference features an engaging, interactive environment that drives collaboration with your peers. You’ll learn how other GIS users are enjoying improved workflows and efficiencies, and learn how big data and real-time data analytics can unlock the full potential of your data. Go in-depth on new, innovative solutions like virtual and augmented reality apps, with an agenda full of immersive technical workshops, interactive discussion groups, and engaging breakout sessions…more

IAOS-OECD Conference 2018

19/09/2018 – 21/09/2018, Paris, France

The International Association for Official Statistics (IAOS) and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) will jointly organize the 16th edition of the IAOS Conference, Better Statistics for Better Lives that will take place at the OECD Headquarters in Paris, France. With the aim of promoting official statistics, the theme of this conference Better Statistics for Better Lives will serve as an umbrella to discuss the most pressing problems regarding the production, dissemination, and use of official statistics. This conference will be an important driver of the agenda towards better understanding official statistics, increasing their usefulness, addressing challenges, and finding potential options to improve statistics in a particular subject or field…more

SciDataCon 2018

22/10/2018 – 26/10/2018, Gaborone, Botswana

Hosted by CODATA, SciDataCon 2018 will address the theme of ‘The Digital Frontiers of Global Science’.  In a hyperconnected world where the internet is pervasive and web technologies are driving major changes in our lives, research has become more than ever before digital and international.  Furthermore, the major societal and scientific challenges facing humanity in this digital age are profoundly global in character, requiring the participation of researchers from all countries and disciplines. The data revolution is also a major source of the scientific opportunities to address these issues but to realise these potentials the frontiers of science, data analysis and stewardship must be advanced.  Likewise, the data revolution must be inclusive, benefitting all,  and harnessing all energies: no parts of the world and no disciplines should be left behind….more