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“It’s Not Just About Bragging Rights”

When Open Data Watch began work on ODIN, we asked ourselves, “Does the world need another index?” We recognized the tendency for indexes to be glanced at to see who’s on top, and then forgotten. We wanted ODIN to be more: a guide for increasing the openness of public statistics and for ODIN results to be objective and reproducible and comparable across countries and over time…

ODIN2016 in the News

Reactions to the Open Data Inventory (ODIN) 2016 are already making news. The consensus in countries seems to be, whether scores are high or low or in-between, that the ODIN 2016 results point in a helpful direction.

October-December, 2016

The data revolution this year ignited a handful of initiatives aimed to help achieve the sustainable development goals and improve statistical capacities worldwide. As we move into 2017, here is a look back at reports, blogs, and articles on the topic of the data revolution for the last quarter of 2016.  If there is something…

Open Data Watch (ODW) – Our Story in 2016

2016 was an exciting year at ODW. The Open Data Inventory (ODIN) was launched. Research expanded on the quality and openness of country strategies for statistics. New or deeper partnerships were forged with countries, agencies, and many other groups. As ODW takes stock of and celebrates 2016, we look ahead with great optimism to what can be accomplished to support SDGs through the power of open data.

UN World Data Forum Gathers Governmental and Non-governmental Data Experts to Discuss Joint Work for SDG Agenda

The United Nations World Data Forum (15-18 January in Cape Town, South Africa) brings together for the first time data producers, analysts and users from private, public, civil society and academic communities around the world.  The Forum discussions focus on practical ways for data experts from official statistics, information systems, international agencies, civil society, the open…