May-July, 2015

The recent Financing for Development Conference was a very important moment in the Data Revolution. Many reports and blogs were written about the need for continued commitment to the cause and other related topics. We provide summaries of reports, blogs, and articles on the topic of the data revolution below. If we have missed something,…

Do Good Data

27/04/2016 – 29/04/2016, Chicago, USA

Do Good Data, the leading conference on data, research and analytics for the social sector, brings together innovators and thought leaders to discuss how data can be used to create a more effective and efficient sector.  The conference convenes in Chicago and promises to deliver concrete skill development in data analysis, data visualization, and research methodology…more

Data for Development: A Needs Assessment for SDG Monitoring and Statistical Capacity Development

Today, the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network working with Open Data Watch and a group of experts from academia, non-profits, and international organizations published a report titled Data for Development: A Needs Assessment for SDG Monitoring and Statistical Capacity Development. The report is the most comprehensive effort to date to calculate the financial resources necessary to…

April-May, 2015

April and early May saw many signficant developments for the Data Revolution. The Sustainable Development Solutions Network released a report estimating the cost of the data revolution; African countries produced a data consensus; PARIS21 provided a roadmap for the data revolution; ODI published a study on millions of people being uncounted; the Cartagena Data Festival…

The Cost of Monitoring Post-2015 SDGs

The preliminary draft of an estimate of resources needed for countries to monitor post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals has just been published for comment.  Developed by a team of development data experts, from the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) with the participation of ODW, the draft costing is the result of five months of intense research and is…

Standards, Best Practices, and Lessons Learned in Civil Registration and Vital Statistics

22/02/2016 – 25/02/2016, Noumea, New Caledonia

​The United Nations Statistics Division​, in cooperation with the Secretariat of the Pacific Community is conducting a seminar titled “Civil Registration and Vital Statistics in the Pacific Islands: Standards, Best Practice and Lessons Learnt”. Taking into consideration the particularity of the countries in the Pacific region, this event is combining the standard UNSD workshop curriculum for training in the revised Principles and Recommendations for a Vital Statistics System and the regional programs and activities under the Brisbane Accord Group programme of work​. The seminar will bring together civil registrars, vital statisticians, and health officers from around twenty countries and territories in the Pacific region as well as contributions from UNICEF, WHO and ESCAP. The event will take place from 22-25 February in the headquarters of the Secretariat of the Pacific Community, in Noumea, New Caledonia…more